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Just passed through 100K miles

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Lousy pic of course (for the record, I did the driving while my GF took the pic) but you get the idea.

It's been a great car so far, and that's coming from a guy who is usually sick of his car after two years.

So far I've only had to put serpentine belts on it and replace about a half gallon of headlight bulbs. In fact minutes after the pic was taken I stopped at a rest stop to replace the left one. The plastic plug that holds the connectors was melted and fell apart in pieces when I tried to work it off the bulb.

The car had a fresh engine when I bought it because the previous one sucked a turbo, so my engine is at 43,000 miles. It had both rear wheel bearings replaced under the service bulletin ($0 to me) and it's about to need brake pads.

We just went on a 1200 mile road trip this weekend to Montana from WA. Explored ghost towns and hauled serious a** down some gravel back roads. In Montana we typically cruised at 85 and I was getting 22.5 mpg tank after tank. Average for the entire trip was 22.5.

It seriously needs a wash, which it won't get, but it will get fresh lube and careful inspection of belts/hoses/etc.

Future upgrades I'm considering:
All gray body parts removed and sprayed with Rhino or Line-X
About an inch lift
More off road suitable tires. The triple treads are great tires but I'm chewing them up on rocky roads.
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T belt was new with the engine at 57k, but I'm still planning on doing the job to freshen the water pump and idler pulleys, since those are not indicated on the invoices with the engine.
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