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2008 OBXT Limited 5MT
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So per the title, just bought a 2008 Outback 2.5XT Limited with the 5 speed manual tranny.

Lots of goods included:

  • Built EJ257B short block with Manley forged pistons and rods, King bearings, STI oil pump and cooler, Killer B oil pick up
  • Grimmspeed lightweight crank pulley
  • Injector Dynamics 850cc top feed injectors
  • Deatsch Werks fuel pump
  • Mishimoto radiator
  • New timing belt, water pump, gaskets, rad lines, etc
  • Kinugawa TD05H-18G turbo
  • Infamous filtered turbo oil supply v2
  • Perrin turbo inlet and TMIC
  • Cobb 3" Downpipe
  • Tomei UEL headers and uppipe
  • Grimmspeed CAI
  • Southbend stage 2 endurance clutch
  • Single mass flywheel
  • LGT Steering rack and springs/bumpstops
  • New kyb gr2 struts
  • Misc perrin and oem bushings and such
  • Short throw
  • And obv an accessport v3 with tune
  • Engine built ~30k miles ago, body/trans had ~125k miles
Cosmetically it's seen better days with some scratches/dings and such, but it's a good driver. Will likely bring it back to stock height for the winter but that's a project for later.

Anyhoo, I've had 2 issues since purchase:

  1. Evap system leak code thrown once: tightened the (rough looking) gas cap a few notches, cleared the code, and haven't had it again (though I've only put maybe 100mi on it since then. A new oem gas cap is on the way.
  2. The VDC Off light is constantly illuminated. The one with the slash through the car. The car still drives fine of course, but the whole reason we bought it is because we moved from somewhere that snows maybe an inch every couple years, to north ny (and I wanted something fun), so really want to get it working before the winter.
So far I've tried topping off the coolant, obviously making sure the engine warms up before taking it out, disconnecting the battery/ resetting the ecu (btw, the battery holds a constant 14v according to the Accessport). The light comes on as soon as the car is started and never turns off, whether driving or just sitting on the driveway, so it's not the tires (which are all new and matching, but kind of cheap, will need to replace). I've done the car's built in diagnostics on the dash which shows no ecm/tcm/abs codes. The VDC off button has no effect. I didn't see any vdc specific fuses but I checked almost all in the engine bay and they were good.

Anything else to try before taking it to the dealer to read a vdc code? Naturally, the seller isn't replying to my messages now, but I'm hoping it's not due to the infamous steering angle sensor what with the lgt rack swap and all.


2008 OBXT Limited 5MT
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Just found this post, which seems to indicate that the vdc system doesnt like the faster ratio in the LGT rack. Are there additional parts I can replace from the LGT to make it happy, or is an OB rack the only way?
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