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Kayak carrier

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I have had bad problem with kayak carrier Part number E361SXA200. With 60 lb Ocean Kayak correctly mounted the wind pressure was such that the button head screw pulled the nut out of the bottom of the snap around, releasing the clamp from the cross bar and making the kayak hang over the edge precariously. Required some jerry rigging to get the kayak safely to destination. Seems like poor design and I think that this carrier is no longer offered.
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I think those are OEM Yakima Hullraiser Aero's. I haven't heard of that part being a common failure point, and I think the current JayHook uses the same mounting hardware. Were you in a heavy crosswind and was the boat aligned front-back with tiedowns? (I always worry that my boat is mounted at an angle, even though it's on saddles and usually only short trips on the highway.)
But glad it sounds as if there wasn't any other damage or injury!
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