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Kayak J Racks for 2012 Factory Bars

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Does anyone know of any j racks, preferably foldable that will fit the factory rack of the 2012 outback. I bought one set from Amazon and the company said they would fit and they don't and now I have to pay for the shipping both to and from the company so if anyone out there has purchased and installed a pair of J racks please post up. Thanks
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I have the Thule 835PRO folding kayak rack on 2012 OB. Only problem with the folding over the standard J is that the front of the rack is shallow and if you don't at the kayaks in just right they can move around. But I found if you cross the front and rear ropes to the opposite sides of the car they hold perfect.

I have heard of other people saying the cross bar clamps come loose, that hasn't happened to me, but just in case I put some blue loctite on the screws.
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