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Hi bit of a long story, I had lost one my keys about 6 months ago. I got a dealer replacement key after not having luck finding it.

Just found the old key (wedged low between the seat and the console.

I tried the old key, and it acts like the security module is not allowing the car to start.

When the dealer programmed it, would they have programmed the key I drove to the dealer with, and the new key?

I have the full tech manual downloaded for my 08 Outback and 09 Subaru, I dont see any pdf files discussing the security system. Are they part of the downloadable files?

We're in the middle of the Hurricane, I'll call the dealer tomorrow, but if anyone can respond, thanks.

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guessing, but yeah, likely they just 'registered' the new key and the old one is no longer recognized.

probably the way you WANT the system to work so, if there was some kinda scam involved, someone couldn't come back and start the car with the 'stolen'/'found' key.

dunno if you could have requested the original key be left registered to the system or not.
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