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This evening I went down to the carport to hop into my 97 Subaru Legacy Outback. But when I pressed the button on the key-chain remote, the driver door didn't unlock. I took this to mean that the battery in the remote needed replacing, so I used the manual key to open the door. But when I inserted that key into the ignition switch and turned it, nothing happened. Then I realized that the dead battery was not the battery in the remote.

It was at this time that I noticed a vibrating/buzzing noise coming from under the dashboard on the far left side. It sounded like it was coming from the insurance company's mileage tracking device plugged into the diagnostic port. I pulled that device out of the port, but the buzzing sound persisted. I grabbed my key-chain flashlight and commenced looking and feeling around under the dashboard until I determined that the sound was coming from a black plastic box labeled Subaru Keyless Entry Control Unit Part Number H7110A2011.

The box was dangling down from a cluster of wires with one black & white wire dangling loose, looking as if it had been cut.

I could see that the other bundles of wires were attached to a couple of plugs that were plugged into the box. It was too late to call my service shop to see if I should unplug it, but it seemed like letting it just keep on buzzing all night long might ruin the battery, if it wasn't already ruined. So I unplugged it and the buzzing/vibrating stopped.

I'm wondering what that buzzing/vibrating sound meant. Was it some kind of alarm to alert me to my failing battery? (I seldom drive my car. I prefer to walk or ride my bike, especially in the summer. So it's probably been a week since I last took the car out for a drive, so that box could well have been buzzing merrily along down there all week long).

Anyone reading this know what that buzzing/vibrating sound means?
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