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Keys - Ignition/Doors

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Good day, I have recently purchased a very good condition early model 1998 Outback wagon r/h drive 2.5L but it came with only one very worn transponder key that also controls the keyless entry. Well it should control the doors from the single button located at the top/center position built into the key, but the chip inside the key has had some damage and although the car ignition and central door locking system works on the turn of the key, the keyless entry doesn't work from the press of the button. . I really can't afford a replacement key from my Subaru dealer in NZ and so my question is: Is it possible to remove the pcb from another key from the scrappers and reprogramme to open my keyless entry. If possible then maybe I can search out some sort of blank and transfer those new "guts" of the key to a newly cut blank/shell. I haven't as yet been able to find the type of key anywhere on ebay, forum pictures or from other locations and was probably only supplied from the Japan supplied model to NZ and AUS. Please any suggestions would greatfully appreciated.