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I was wondering, is it possible to go back to the dealer and get some new keys cut? In past I know I was able to go back to the Chevy dealer with my trucks vin, and proof of ownwership and they cut me a brand new factory key from the vin. Can Subaru do that? The only keys I got when I bought my Outback were 2 pretty worn copies, so I have no good key to copy and it's getting tough to make them work.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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In many cases it is possible. If the key number was recorded with a dealer during service at any point it should be available. If they don't have any luck, try a good locksmith. It's amazing how they can take a key that looks almost smooth and tell what it is supposed to be. Also I believe the key code is stamped on the back side of either the drivers door lock or the passengers door lock. At least they used to be. That however would require you to take the door handle off and remove the lock to see it. Probably much easier to check with the dealer and the locksmith as a secondary.
I have used a local locksmith here and had very good luck, never had a problem.
Good luck.
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