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King springs

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I recently replaced my struts and springs on my 05 XT w/ KYB struts and King springs. Im very happy with the results. The car is now much firmer and responsive, it actually feels like a "sports" car instead of a Cadillac (nothing wrong w/ a Caddy, just not for me). The increase in ride height is minimal~3/4" which is fine w/ me.

I went out and measured the height today and noticed the drivers side sits about 1/4-1/2" lower than the passenger side. WTH? I had it aligned and noone said a word about it. I doubt I'm heavy enough to cause it to sag that much (Approx 235lbs). Thoughts? I had about 250lbs in the back and had it aligned to 07 specs. There were no extra pieces left over after the install.

One more bit of info, the XT strut mounts (front) are much bigger than the non turbo models and no aftermarket parts stores have the correct ones. I ended up going to the dealer so I know the parts are correct.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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