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2013 Outback Limited 2.5i
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I saw them on Tirerack Kosei K4R 17x7 ET50 for the outback,
I then looked under the Subaru BRZ section
Kosei K4R 17x8 ET36 , both have bolt pattern of 5x100 ..

But is ET36 too much for Gen 4 (2013 ) Subaru Outback to
handle ? If mounted on 235/55-17:confused:

17x7 (Subaru Outback)
Offset: 50mm
Backspacing: 5.94"
Bolt Pattern: 5-100
Rec. Tire Size:225/60-17
Weight: 14.0lbs.

17x8 (Subaru BRZ )
Offset: 36mm
Backspacing: 5.86"
Bolt Pattern: 5-100
Rec. Tire Size: 235/40-17
Weight: 15.8lbs.
Finish: Light Grey Painted
1 - 2 of 2 Posts