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KYB Strut Question

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I have an 05 OBXT and bought 00-04 KYB Excel G Struts all around with Rallitek Springs for the rear. I don't have the tools or the time to do the install so I paid a shop to do it only to be told that the 00-04 fronts are too small and won't fit on my car. The Fronts I ordered are for the 04 Outback KYB334447 and KYB334448. Did I order the correct parts or is the shop forgetting something?

Thanks for the input.
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KYB334448 and KYB334447 are the correct front dampers for the 2004MY and they will fit the 2005MY no prob. Are you sure they shipped the right ones? Did they come pre-built with springs as a complete unit? If so you need to remove the 2004 springs and install the 2005 springs/top mounts.

What did the shop actually do? Did they disassemble the old 2005 dampers and try to put the springs onto the 2004 dampers or did they not even attempt that cause the dampers looked different? (they do look different btw, but they are compatible.)
that's weird, i would have never guessed them to be different....i was just about to buy 05-09 fronts for my 02 or 03 OB's...guess I'll hold off until I find out the difference.

Don't get the 05-09's for your 02. Get the ones designed for your car - they are a few dollars more expensive, but are better.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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