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We had a very uncomfortable interaction with the owner of the dealershp in our town. Below is the letter of complaint we sent, by registered mail, to Subaru Canada....

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560 Suffolk Court
Mississauga, ON
L5R 4J7

Wednesday, October 03, 2012
To whom it may concern;

I wish to lodge two complaints, regarding the service received and the language of the owner of the dealership when speaking to me.

We purchased the car in December of 2010 – OUTBACK 2007 (88,000 Km), from a friend (an accommodation sale by the dealer) with …

(450) 562-0262
Garage Rejean Pilon
292 Route du Nord
Brownsburg-Chatham, Qc
J8G 1L8

Before taking delivery, it was agreed that the front and rear brakes would be replaced, rotors & pads. The car now has 107,000 Km and the rear brakes are scored and rusted and the pads are completely worn. A difference of 19,000 Km, I found this very odd.

I brought the car to the dealer today and spoke to the salesman who sold me the car, Mr. Normand *oitras, he in turn heard my concern and went to the service department, to investigate.

Upon his return, he had Mr. Rejean Pilon by his side. No introduction was made. I showed Mr. Pilon my car. He stated the rotors and pads needed replacement. I then stated my concern –That according to the invoice from his dealership, this work had been done in December of 2010 and it was very unlikely that after 19,000 Km of normal driving the brakes could be in such poor condition. Mr. Pilon became very defensive and said “…I don’t have to listen to this bullsh*t…” turned his back and walked away, refusing to speak to me any further. My wife was by my side during this very unpleasant and uncomfortable encounter.


1) Mr. Pilon’s (as a SUBARU representative) refusal to take responsibility for the misunderstanding regarding the work done at his dealership.

2) Mr. Pilon’s rudeness to me and the untoward language he used.


1) The brakes will be repaired.
2) An apology
This is the very least Lachute SUBARU could do for me as a SUBARU owner.

My hope is you will intervene on my behalf, to bring this situation to happy conclusion.

We remain;

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We have not heard a word about this to date.

What would be the next step?


The original repairs, in my mind, were never done, however the previous owners were charge in excess of $500.00!

** The repairs have been made by me, all old parts were kept.
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