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Last night was the night!

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Mother fvcker!!!!!

Driving home from work last night a semi blew a tire and I, amongst others, ran right over the shredded tire. Being that it was dark and I was tired upon arriving home I failed to notice any damage during my cursory look.

Today I decided to wash the car and this is when I notice the only blemish on my beautiful new car. 4 inches worth of scratches on my left rear rim!!!!

F'ing A!!!!!
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all new cars have TPMS - maybe it's time for trucks to get something similar too.
Wouldn't help. Most of the time the tire retains pressure, it just loses the tread.

Also, drivers are supposed to do a pre-trip inspection, on the list of things to check is tire condition and pressures. That said... sometime things get looked over. No one wants to squat down and check pressures on 18 tires at 5am in a piss puddled truck stop in Omaha.

I used to walk around mine, eyeball the tires for damage, and whack them with a tire thumper (think billy club) to make sure they had pressure. Not exactly what the DOT had in mind, but it worked.

I had one of my guys in an van get whacked by one on the Penn. Turnpike at 70 MPH right in the grill. It left a tread mark from the bumper to the roof, looked like the van got run over by a bike with a real wide tire... Lucky though, it didn't crack the windscreen.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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