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Last night was the night!

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Mother fvcker!!!!!

Driving home from work last night a semi blew a tire and I, amongst others, ran right over the shredded tire. Being that it was dark and I was tired upon arriving home I failed to notice any damage during my cursory look.

Today I decided to wash the car and this is when I notice the only blemish on my beautiful new car. 4 inches worth of scratches on my left rear rim!!!!

F'ing A!!!!!
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Happened to me in my vette on I95. Tire rubber actually hit the fiberglass nose in full flight and cracked it in half. It was quite a shock at 80 mph. Like driving thru an asteroid storm when the tire delaminated. I managed to pull over and calm my wife without incident.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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