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Last night was the night!

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Mother fvcker!!!!!

Driving home from work last night a semi blew a tire and I, amongst others, ran right over the shredded tire. Being that it was dark and I was tired upon arriving home I failed to notice any damage during my cursory look.

Today I decided to wash the car and this is when I notice the only blemish on my beautiful new car. 4 inches worth of scratches on my left rear rim!!!!

F'ing A!!!!!
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generally, I'm not in favor of too many new laws, but, those recaps for trucks should all have 1 or 2 RFID chips inside them, the numbers associated with the end-user, and local communities and folks that have damage from them could then trace the last user. (kinda like those pet tags) The road cleaning crews could send in a bill for everyone they pick up, and insurance companies could get some payback from the trucking company if one of their clients' cars was damaged by a chunk. I realize it wouldn't be a perfect system, but, there aren't any perfect systems. It may be enough incentive to improve the recaps and keep trucks from driving on marginal recapped tires.
all new cars have TPMS - maybe it's time for trucks to get something similar too.
First scratch always hurts most! As they become more common, the more you have of those later will add to the rugged look that Subaru should have! I've been through that with my 2 previous Subarus...
yeah - throw some mud on those scratches, problem solved
I am not a 'semi hater' - all my food and many other necessities of life are delivered by truck. I try to cut them some slack on the roads too.

Just seems that creating a financial incentive to improve the whole re-cap system might increase safety for everyone. Even trucker's wives and kids use the highway.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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