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LED Interior Upgrades

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After searching for my answers and less than satisfactory results, I have decried to start a new thread on interior LED upgrades. If theres a thread on this already, please point this noob in the right direction.

Anyway, I have a few lights out on my speedo and dash and i want to replace them. However, if Im going to replace them, I'd like to upgrade them.

Long story short, who has some direct links to led light bulbs that can replace my burnt out bulbs in my:

Cluster/Instrument Panel
Climate Control
Cruise Control/fog light button

Thanks for the future replys and help!!!
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The larger instrument cluster lights are a t10 base, smaller cluster lights are a t5 base and all the others you will either have to wire yourself or pay an inflated price at

As for the t10 base and t5 base you can find them on amazon in all colors for a good price. Im replacing all of mine with green leds currently
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