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Ok guys I swapped out the HK unit about a year ago, I had great reception with the factory radio but ever since the swap out to aftermarket Kenwood, the reception went in the toilet. I swapped out the speakers, HU and amp...sound is awesome, reception not so much.

A few things that I have tried:

- Yes the ant amp. is getting power
- I have tested all grounds and check out
- I am using the proper ant. adapter from Metra (tried two of them), even tried swapping pins.
- Am reception is pretty good, FM only gives me about 3 strong stations, the rest have static
- The strong stations have static when the car turns (90 degree turns)
- Have gone back to the shop and tried 2 other radios/brands, they had the same problem.
-If I disconnect the power from the ant amp. all reception goes away. If I disconnect the individual plugs from the rear window the reception barely changes.
- The closer I get to the antenna amp, the better the reception.
- Tailgate open improves reception, I have factory tint.
- Antenna leads/grid on window glass all check out for continuity.

Any thoughts or other methods of trouble shooting would be greatly appreciated. This is driving me crazy. Sound is fantastic from CD, Ipod, AM, but I miss listening to FM.

I have the factory service manual, but I can't seem to find how to test the actual antenna amp itself. Could it be that it just isn't working properly?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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