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I have been locked out of my 05 wagon (my son's).
The remote would not unlock it so I put a new battery in it, still nothing happened! I did notice that there was no flash from the indicators when I pushed the remote to lock or unlock.
I tried the key in the lock to manually unlock it , but although it turned , nothing happened!
I carefully used a strong wire to slide through the door seal and pulled the internal handle back but this did not work while in the locked mode, as the door still would not open.
My next attack is to use the wire to activate the lock/unlock switch on the driver's side door to see if that works.
Any other ideas out there if that doesn't work????

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i did this on my 00 last month.

the problem with the electric door lock button is that you have to PULL it. pushing it LOCKS the doors. i lock them 2 times before i figured this out.

i ended up with a very complicated solution.

i tried a coat hanger to push the lock button at the door handle, the mechanical one. too flimsy.

i tried 2 coat hangers twisted together, still too flimsy.

so i went to the hardware store and bought about 3 ft of 1/4 copper tubing. fed this in through the top corner of the glass and used this as a guide for the coat hangers. this worked. (i then returned the copper tubing.)

it helps if the end of the coat hanger has a sharp point / edge. ti grabs better and does not slip off the button.

i did all of this from the passenger side. i did not want the driver side door, glass, weather stripping, lock button damaged if i screwed up.

i also used wooden shims to hold the glass off of the weather stripping to make the job easier.

good luck.

my dealer cut me a new key for $6.50 it turns out i lost my keys, i didn't lock them in the car like i thought.

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Canubaru you were spot on, however before I got your suggestion I rang the local motoring roadside help group who for $110 came out and opened it up by pulling on the catch with a strong steel rod/tool.They inserted a little airbag to expand the gap between the window and the seal.
The reason the fob wouldn't work was the car battery was dead flat! Grandson had hopped into the back of the wagon and turned the rear compartment light on after being told not to touch it!! Daughter-in-law told him what she thought!!!!! KIDS...............
The reason the key would not work is that it appears someone may have tried to force open the car by putting something down next to the glass and has knocked off the rod between the key barrel and the lock mechanism.

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On a related note to the story above, my wife locked her keys in the car as she was preparing to leave from work earlier this week.

She took her jacket and stuff off on the passenger side, leaving her keys on the center console. She closed the door (the car was unlocked), only to have the car go "beep".

Unlike the auto-arm that normally occurs in 30-60 seconds, the locks-locked, locking her keys in the car and her outside in the cold without her jacket.

AAA saved the day in 20 minutes or less and got her into the car without breaking anything.

Random electronic ghosts in our Subaru, I swear.
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