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Not to be a sour puss, but the mileage equates to 82 miles a week. How was the car used? Did it sit while being used for vacation trips? Was it used for a few miles a day to commute from home to the train station? Did it only go "to church and grocer"?

Low mileage cars that don't get driven tend to have issue pop up when someone starts driving them. Yes, it's a Subaru, but you still have things like compressed suspension bushings from the weight of the car sitting on them without movement, wheel bearings taking the weight load in one area, braking system components that remained motionless, emission components, transmission solenoids and valves, old tires that have also sat motionless and more. Think of it like the human body. If you were to take a child and sit it in one place for 11 years with only a walk around the block once a day, what do you think will happen when you have that child attempt a jog after all those years? A marathon? Poor circulation, week joints and no muscle.

Low mileage does not equate a premium unless it is akin to a 1959 Corvair in prestige condition. What does command a premium is if it was operated in a normal manner and did not have major issues during it's life. All the "what ifs" just expanded by 10. When this car is taken out on he road and driven more, expect some issues unless its all taken care if from the start. All fluid flushed, brakes taken apart and cleaned/lubed, new set of tires, new struts, alignment, front engine overhaul (t-belt and components), electrical harnesses thoroughly inspected and the whole car cleaned. Then you pay attention every day it's driven for the noises and odd issues.

To me, the value of this car is at minimum half what Edmunds or KKB may list it. It doesn't matter if its an Outback 4 or 6, manual or automatic. No movement equates to no lubrication in every moving part and a high risk of water build up in everything just due to humidity.

Tread lightly.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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