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Looking at 2002 w/ only 43K

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Local dealer has a trade-in 2002 they sold to the only owner. CarFax lists everything done....all service, etc since it was all done at the same dealer. It would appear the vehicle has never really left the area.

Getting a good vibe from the salesperson who is texting me pics since they aren't on the site yet.

It's listed at $9999...w/ book value as $8500.

Any thoughts, red flags, too good be true's, etc?

I really was thinking more like 04-06 this time around, but the very low miles caught my eye.
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That really stinks.

So, curious... was it a 4 cylinder or H6?
There's no way I was gonna pay $9999 and there's no way they were gonna knock $1000+ off that price so it's moot.

It was a 4 cyl so it was waaaaay overpriced.
I have had both the H4 and H6, you will give up 2-4 mpg in mixed driving with the H6 but the extra power is nice and the almost zero chance of a head gasket or timming problem is worth the lower mpg for me.

i am seeing around 19-21 mpg in mixed with the H6, i got 24 with the H4.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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