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05 xt

I purchased an 05 XT 5 speed man- for my son(17) about two months ago and we've loved it...but I'm a maintenance nut. I've had turbo cars and currently have two! I did my research here and found several things to negotiate before I purchased, one being the 105k timing belt. This is our first Subaru and I'm thinking I'll be looking for one for my daughter this time next year when she turns 16. We put a Subtle 1" lift on it and I get all my OEM parts from; not a user friendly website but cheap OEM dealership said they could not match their prices.

I do have to work on the Buick bounce in the rear. You'll also hear talk about a knocking at low speeds..this was the dog bone mount that had come loss..easy fix. Another vibration in the trans could be the need for new axles or u-joints.

AND recently we had some snow and that little car did great. The manual XT has limited slip in the rear. I think this only came in the manual XT but I could be wrong.

Also no bitching about premium gas and synthetic oil changes, you have been warned.:D
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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