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Not knowing the service history on an XT is a significant risk... I don't want to discourage you from that car, but there have been enough turbo failures related to improper/deferred maintenance that you should really only take it if it's a true bargain.

It would be well worth it to pay an independent inspection mechanic to give a report on it.

Probably the biggest thing that got fixed later was the exhaust design- there is a catalyst in the up-pipe on 05 & 06 cars. If it fragments, the chunks go straight into the turbo. You can install a catless pipe to correct this. I wouldn't call it a common problem, but it happens.

The cabin air filter is very difficult to access on 05s, corrected in 06 and there was a retrofit kit to make it easier.

Wheel bearings were an issue, Subaru extended the warranty out to 100k/any age on those.

Rear struts are underdamped from the factory on 05-09 cars, and when worn out they are particularly bad. Big thread on that here.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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