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So, after some discussion with the missus, I am going to be looking for a new Subaru in the next 6 months. I currently live in Alberta but am moving to Nova Scotia in a few years. What I like the style of the 07 OBW. I have time to look for the right car, so, aside from someone looking after it properly, what is a good year model engine trans I should look for. Not looking to spend over 7000 cad

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@cracklincrotch lives on NS. ...doing all the maint.. and work on his family cars. (just dropped a new JDM engine into his 2005 H6 wagon)

I think there are a couple other H6 people at the big airport there too. (one was a helicopter mechanic ).

what to look for: a H6, possibly cheaper on the US side of the boarder just for the greater volume of choices. 2007 and newer H6 all have VDC.

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While this won't help you find a specific car, this may help you on what to look for in various year models.

I just came across this YouTube video:

I am not affiliated to the guy, but I like how he stated the good and the bad in Subaru without sugarcoating the issues.

Ultimately, like I suspect the majority of people on this forum, he likes Subaru but there are things to watch out for.

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I'm not sure how helpful that video is....

When working with a budget like the OP you really are going to be best suited to find the newest model you can in the best condition. There really aren't any sour apple years to stay away from and generally, the outbacks just got better and better every year.
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