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looking for independent shop

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Hi there, new owner of 1999 outback, The car was passed down from family, am a student here in albuquerque. work that has been done in the last month.
head gaskets with all new hoses, new radiator, water pump, oil pump, the work was done by AWD subaru independent shop in Seattle Wa. Drove the car last week from seattle to albuquerque. car ran great. My dad says find a independent shop before issues arise.any help would be appreciated. I plan to be an avid follower in this forum. thanks
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Always highly recommend F&F Auto, but they are in Bothell.

I like them for two reasons:
1) They have never tried to cheat me and they stand behind their work. If I ask them to do the brakes, that's all they do. I've been to shops that try to add on other stuff just to make a sale. If they happen to discover an emergency they will tell you but they won't go looking unless you ask them, saving you money.
2) Because I do most of my own work I sometimes take parts of cars to them to do things I don't have time or tools for. They are more than happy to do this and are willing to talk me through (advise) how to fix the problem myself.

F&F Auto Clinic, Inc.

Edit: DOH! Sorry saw Seattle, I guess I missed the rest of your post somehow... :gasp:
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