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Hi to all. I'm new to the forum.

I'm looking to buy a 96 Outback AWD, 2.5 motor and 195,000 miles on it. Seller has said there has been new head gaskets, timing belts, water pump and pulleys a year ago. Installed by a certified Subaru tech with all Subaru parts. I'm going to ask for proof of work or receipts. It has some minor rust (I'm not worried about) other than that looks to be in good condition. Asking price $1,200. I'm hoping to get it for $1000.

I'm thinking this car is good for another 100,000. miles with minimal maintenance normal (brakes, plugs, fuel / air filter, axle, tires).

I have had a 93 Legacy for 10 years and only had minor normal maintenance problems.

So I'm looking for thoughts and opinions on this purchase. Anything I should look for? Thanks

2007 Outback XT Ltd
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Welcome to the forum!

Where has the car been all it's life - has it been in the Rust Belt? What kills a car after a many years there is corrosion - everything underneath just rots away and that gets expensive very quickly.

If there is only cosmetic rust - no perforations - then you may be in luck. But it's impossible to predict what is going to fail as a car gets beyond 200K miles.

I personally would never buy a used car with over 60K miles, but I am pretty risk averse.

I suggest that you get the car onto a lift and check it over completely - brakes, suspension, exhaust, radiator and condenser, engine mounts, fuel lines, and everything else. If there are pieces flaking off - run away from the deal.

John Davies
Spokane WA USA
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