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2009 Outback 2.5i Limited
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I've been researching for the last few months on what do buy I've never owned a Subaru What sold me was the Indiana plant has 0% landfill waste, I love the boxer engine, the reliability that everyone raves about. I test drove a couple tribecas and a few outbacks, the outback won. 1 for the fuel economy, 2 for the roominess of the back wagon, 3 just plain curious why all past owners keep going back. I decided not to buy brand new, out of my choices I have boiled it down to two, which is the better deal and keep in mind leather is somewhat important to me I found it was more comfortable on my back.

Car #1
2008 outback 2.5i
$16,929 39,994 mi
blk / blk cloth basic basic basic

Car #2
2009 outback 2.5i Limited
$16,810 63,810 mi
Diamond gray/ gray leather loaded!

Please be as detaied on the pro's and con's of each as I am totally consumed and interested.....thanks so much, glad I found such a great network of people!
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