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Recently had routine 50k maintenance done on my 2017 3.6R Touring ...all fluids were changed including CVT and front/rear differentials ...also new front/rear brake pads and rotors. Drives and handles like new. So while the work wasn’t cheap, it will extend the life of my Subie, so it was well worth it.

My loaner was a 2020 2.5 Limited. My initial impression was positive.Tracking and overall fit, feel and function was great. Interior materials were nice and the infotainment system was intuitive and pretty easy to turn off.

However, after an hour long drive to and from a supplier, I began to feel pinched in the drivers seat ...and I am a pretty small person at 5’6” 175 lbs. I finally figured out that it’s the console that seems quite a bit higher than my Gen 5, and created a bit of a claustrophobic feeling.

Oh well, just my impression of Gen 6 vs Gen 5 ...purpose of this post isn't to trash the Gen 6 which has a ton of nice improvements ...rather just to share my impressions for others to comment upon.
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