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I just acquired an 03 2.5L Legacy wagon with only 42k original miles. As expected it runs like a top. It has been well maintained in regards to oil changes at the dealer every 3500 miles but it has never had a coolant change and it's still on the original timing belt. The coolant (green) is low.

I know these models can have head gasket problems. Would running on low coolant make it more susceptible to these problems? Also, should I have the timing belt changed since it's 14 yrs old or at 42k miles, can I go to higher miles? Is the engine an interference or non-interference engine?

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105 months, or 105,000 miles for the timing belt as per subaru. although people change them earlier vs. blowing one and loosing the valves.

advice: a Aisin timing belt kit. (japanese made, not chinese junk like gates).
and a whole kit , as a bearing seized in that can make a new timing belt snap.

OEM pcv valve, and a OEM thermostat are not on the following but should be. toss them now with the old coolant. replacing it with your choice of green fluid mix from walmart or a autoparts store is typical.

NGK plugs, NGK plug wires. (subarus like NGK product).

hopefully the coolant is just getting lost do to dehydration or a mild external leak from a hose.

Subaru maintenance schedules and new car break-in period- 2000 through 2009, links for 2010, 2011...

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Interference engine. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past due.

Change the belt and everything it touches ASAP. Idlers, and all that. Recommend AISIN parts, good quality.


-Closest to OEM: Peak OET Asian green, Pentofrost A2 green.
-Next closest: Zerex Asian.

Grab a bottle of Subaru's coolant conditioner from local dealer/amazon/ebay.
Subaru tstat or Stant XACTstat ONLY. Accept nothing else.
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