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Low oil level on new Subaru

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We purchased a 2013 Outback 2 weeks ago and have driven mostly interstate miles on 2 trips. With only 2500 miles, the low level oil sensor light came on 4 separate times approximately half an hour a part and went off a minute or two later by itself. It was flat interstate at slightly over 75 mph. When checking the oil levels, they appeared normal the best we could tell. Two days later, the local Subaru dealer checked out the car. They could find nothing wrong and indicated it was low a half quart and topped it off. They say it is normal for the car to burn a half quart every 1000 miles and nothing is wrong. The answer does not make sense and leads me to the conclusion that during a 7500 mile oil change interval recommended that I will be 3 1/2 quarts low. This is a brand new car, not a car with 100,000 miles. Does this make sense? Regardless, it doesn't paint a good picture for Subaru quality in my mind. I sincerely hope this is not a lemon or a sign of things to come.
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Oil consumption is one of those things that most car manufacturer's consider anything less than one quart in 900 miles is "okay." I was surprised to find that out when we had a truck at work that was at one quart in 1000 miles. Amounts and miles vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Most cars don't consume this much oil if any so people just assume that no consumption is normal.

In your case we have no idea if your's is consuming oil because you have not established a baseline yet. Check your oil when you get gas and monitor it that way from now on. Once you can actually measure the consumption rate we can go from there. My guess is you are fine and won't see any consumption your next few fill ups.
Personally, I'm all for a sensitive oil light! At 1/2 a quart low your engine is not in danger. It used to be the light only came on to tell you "you now need a new engine."

Baby steps engineers, baby steps.
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