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Low oil level on new Subaru

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We purchased a 2013 Outback 2 weeks ago and have driven mostly interstate miles on 2 trips. With only 2500 miles, the low level oil sensor light came on 4 separate times approximately half an hour a part and went off a minute or two later by itself. It was flat interstate at slightly over 75 mph. When checking the oil levels, they appeared normal the best we could tell. Two days later, the local Subaru dealer checked out the car. They could find nothing wrong and indicated it was low a half quart and topped it off. They say it is normal for the car to burn a half quart every 1000 miles and nothing is wrong. The answer does not make sense and leads me to the conclusion that during a 7500 mile oil change interval recommended that I will be 3 1/2 quarts low. This is a brand new car, not a car with 100,000 miles. Does this make sense? Regardless, it doesn't paint a good picture for Subaru quality in my mind. I sincerely hope this is not a lemon or a sign of things to come.
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I checked oil level when I first picked up the car and it was fine. Didn't think there is a need to check more often as the recommended first oil change should be done at 7,500 miles. At about 4,000 low oil level warning light came on :confused:
I checked the oil and it was about half inch over the low level. About 500 miles later the light came back (I was 4 hrs away from home and it was on a weekend). When I pulled over to the nearest gas station, the oil at that time was below low :mad:
I added a whole qt of synthetic 5w-30 and found out that such combination should be changed to 0w-20 at next oil change..
Called the dealer on Monday to talk about this and the fun begun.

- I was told that the owners manual is wrong, needs updating
- that I should do the first oil change at 3,000 miles
- that there is nothing to worry about if I didn't do it on time and went over the recommended 3K
- and that they will take care of my oil change (turned out they took care of it for $70)

I bring the car for oil change and as Subaru enters my info on their system, they ask for car milage (I had 4,700 at that time) ...feeling guilty I opened my mouth and said that I had no idea that I was suppose to do oil change at 3k :/
The girl said it's in the owners manual.. I told her that mine is wrong and it says 7.5k
She looked at me funny and said, no it doesn't. I said yes it does lol
There were couple of mechanics behind the counter (I can understand why they had nothing to do.. They will not get any business from me from now on either) anyway, the mechanics get involved and look things up on computer - what year, what engine, transmission, and they say that I should change oil every 3k. One of the guys rotates the monitor to show me a chart.. I looked and it says: 1st oil change at 7.5k, just like my manual. I asked HIM to read it again. Now he is upset.
I told him he is looking at the wrong engine. Then the girl steps in and says - 7.5k for synthetic, but 3k regular oil.
I get frustrated at that point, and ask her what oil are they putting in my car because they should use synthetic!
She wiggled herself out and confirmed that I was put down for $69 oil change which is synthetic, but I asked her to verify with the technician.
I pay. I leave. I check the level at home.., and it is 3/4" over max!!
I went back to the dealer today (car wasn't driven since then) to find out that they always add more oil (wtf?!) I asked why? If the oil change requires 5 qt, why would they put "little more"? He said "This engine takes 6 qt" and told me he has to go back to work
I checked OM after i came back home, and mine says 5..

That garage is not getting near the Outback again :28:

Unless they are right and Subaru USA printed my manual wrong :runaway:

Though this could make you laugh.
At the time of oil change, guy behind the counter tried to wiggle the rest of his crew out of trouble, by explaining to me that under extreme driving conditions, oil should be changed every 3,000.
When I asked him to define extreme conditions, he had to look it up and he started to read aloud about towing heavy loads, temp changes that range 40 deg. As he was reading on, he was reading softer.., and quiter... Even his own mates gave him a funny look. That moment reminded me of Ricky Bobby at first intervew in Talladega Nights.
In the end he said "yep, that's us. Here in NJ we live in extreme weather conditions"

he abandoning their first escape plan, realizing they were reading the chart wrong :/ (I think)
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Thanks for the advice, mate!
I will call Subaru USA and see what they have to say about that.

As far as the maintenance, i do it on my own all the time..
(owning 2 bikes (my preferred way of transportation btw) it's not just more convenient, or quicker, but also I know it is done right).
Because it was the first time someone looked the car since new, I wanted the experts to take a look at it, and verify if everything checks OK :/

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