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This will be my official progress thread for this car! i know alot of this stuff is on here already but this way i can keep it all in one place from now on!

2001 Outback
275 000km young
2.5 h4

Lots of Plans to look forward to!!

Stage 1

  • plugs and wires
  • Intake + Manifold cleaned
  • lose some plastic
  • Amsoil + lucas additive, new oil filter

  • New front axles
  • New Synthetic fluids in diffs
  • tranny flush with new filter

  • Swap impreza Front end
  • Replace broke strut
  • Get alligned

  • Scrape off old caulking
  • seal hatch w/polyurethane
  • buff out paint
  • front fender and bumper
  • Wet sand headlights.
  • black out tailights and hatch
This is a basic starting point to achieve before going further. Get it all done start a new list. Get that one done start another. you get the point. Next will be all new struts, springs, Sway bars, Wheel and Tires.... maybe a thule rack for my snowboard. And some HID lights, and a Skid plate before winter.

Ill throw up some before and after pics as well.

The day i went to pick it up. I borrowed a buddies float trailer to go get it about 50kms away from my garage and ended up taking us 6 hours. First we forgot the keys then we had to pull it onto the trailer with the front wheel stuffed in the body and when we were unloading it we broke a ramp and the car fell a little over a foot barely missing taking the bumper off the end of the trailer.

Some damage shots. notice the awesome tie rod. and heres one of the inside of the wheel.

I also busted a lca mount or transverse link and slightly bent the uni-body. The boys at the allignment shop were able to bend it back to shape, included in the regular price of alignment... i should also tell you there one of the most reputable body shops in town.

heres some donor parts! and a pic mid installation.

My awesome WRX Knob with a crappy cellphone pic.


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BTW car is dirty as **** in those pics, and has since been detailed. will get up more pics soon of interior. Heres what i found in the jammed close compartment from the last owner:

I was stuck in the compartment thats under the pocket for the after market cd player. Which also if you havent purchased a Bluetooth deck yet your missing out. I leave the bluetooth on, on my Iphone and can listen and brose all my music from the deck with no cables.

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HEADLIGHTS!! They drive me nuts. Why can people take care of there paint and there carpets and there engine but not there lights? Its a pet peeve for me. So i took the easy way. Found my old mans mothers headlight restore kit. It has a power ball with a cutting/polishing compound and a few different grits of wet sand paper. I used the polish first with the power ball to remove dirt and wiped it off with a cloth. Next i used some soapy water and 800 grit sanding block. Rinsed them off then onto 1000 grit, then 1500, then 2000. Then more power ball and polish and finally finish with a micro fiber towel.... Must be a really clean micro fiber.

Although its hard to tell in the pics these headlights look brand new and its night and day difference.


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