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had an iffy experience with these guys.

started with an incompetent service adviser, through many emails and phone conversations it took 4 days of you said this and you quoted that, to find out that she never initially wrote down what I told them about my transmission issues, so the mechanics could not properly diagnose the problem.

this was moved up to manager status, and he didn't do too much for me. never received any compensation for time wasted, as well as the adviser's screw ups. offered me a free tear down of the transmission to find the final problem, but at this point i was about ready to just buy a used tranny.

eventually, the issue was fixed, for a hefty but decent price. i'm still quite upset by the lack of communication by everybody, from adviser to manager, to even the GM who promised he would call me and update me, and never did.

i will not go back there and warn all others to write, document, and clearly and thoroughly explain anything and everything possible, as words will be skewed and verbal promised will not be honored.

good luck
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