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Hi all, first post here and first Subaru. :)

I think I've read about every thread out there on the McIntosh head-unit/amplified system, but still am not clear. I have the exact version shown below (built-in 6CD changer, no cassette -- I believe this may be different than the 01-02 system). I want to add an aux-in to play my iphone/ipod through the stereo, but am hoping for something that is plug and play (so wired FM transmitter is last resort).

How I see it, there are at least three options:
1) Seems to be a gamble -- I've read that the CeNET port on the back is unused, but am not clear whether the CeNET 1251b adaptors actually work. It seems there are multiple versions of the 1251b, including versions for an ipod, RCA's, a 3.5mm mini-jack, among others. I would be most interested in the 3.5mm mini-jack or RCA version, as I don't want actual ipod/iphone controls through the head-unit -- I want to maintain controls on the device itself.

2) Seems like a bigger gamble --There seems to be a hack that I found to open up the stereo and create an AUX IN with some re-wiring. Here is the site I found this info:
McIntosh My Blog

3) Last resort -- Wired FM modulator. I have no experience with these, as I've always found another way... but I believe this may be the best option this time around!

Are there any options I've missed? Any suggestions or anything else I should know?

Thank you in advance!
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