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Anyone interested? The idea came up in another thread.

Here's an idea:
Meet up in Ocala, drive through some overgrown trails in the Ocala N.F.
Set up a camp site somewhere out there.
Hang out at a camp fire.
Roast weenies. Or move back from the campfire a bit.
Sleep in tents (or your car, whatever floats your boat.)
Get up, drive around a bit.
Grab lunch.
Move on.

Anyone got any good experience up there? I've driven through a bit, but don't really know it all that well. Also, suggestions for a camp site? Stuff to do? Better place to go?

I figure we open it up to any Outback, Forester, OBS, Crosstrek XV, Baja, etc. owners willing to drive through the woods. Or any other Suby owners, provided they're either willing to try or get dragged out at the end of my tow rope.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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There are a few civilized campgrounds in ONF with warm water showers and I have stayed at Juniper Springs which was very nice. Alexander springs is another neat place. Check out this page..
Ocala National Forest - Special Places

There are plenty of side roads to explore of the main tracks throughout the Forrest. The big thing is to keep an eye out for the dirt-bikes and ATV's...Lots of soft sand to get 'stuck' in..:D
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