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Method MR502 15x7 Wheels on 2006 Outback 2.5i

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Hello everyone, I am a new user and I've read a lot of forums and done as much research as I feel like I possibly can. I have a 2006 Subaru outback 2.5i base model. My goal is to get an all terrain wheel set up. I am hoping to do the following

15x7 Method Race Wheels MR502 VT Spec.
225/70R15 Grabber AT2's

So, I've read that this seems possible, and that it has been done. I just wanted to confirm and get input that this set up will work without a lift and too many mods (I do understand that it may be needed that I trim and hammer a bumper or fender seam for a fit without rubbing, and that's okay). I am aware of the +15 offset on the MR502's and that's something that I actually want for the look.

Basically, I am looking for confirmation that this will in fact work and clear the brakes. It seems that rally wheels are created with intended accommodation of larger calipers, so that's why only 15" rally wheels seem to work.

the pictures attached are examples of exactly what I'd like. Though I am not sure if this guy with the black Subaru has a lift or not. don't know that he does. I am about 99% sure that the person with the blizzaks and silver/white outback does not have a lift, though he does have a skinnier tire than the 225. For clarification, the black Subaru is exactly the idea I am looking for and I do know from other threads he's running a 225/70R15. Just am not totally sure if he's got everything else literally stock.

Thanks in Advance!