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Michelin X-Ice Xi3 on my '11 outback?

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Thinking about getting these tires for my outback. Anybody have any reviews. I was told that I could use them year round. I live in MA but going to Park City for Jan and Feb.
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I looked closely at the X-Ice Xi3 at CostCo, and was able to read reviews of earlier versions on TireRack. They seem to have a "hum" up to about 55mph, at which point they quiet down. There is no test on TireRack for this new version, no data at all, but they did publish a test that included this tire:

I finally settled on a set of Nokian WRG2s for our 2013 Outback 2.5i Limited. I have used these in the past on a Legacy and a Forester with outstanding results, and they really are a year-round tire.

It is difficult to find comparison tests of Nokians because they have pretty limited distribution, and TireRack does not handle them. I can recommend the Nokian WRG2.

I have the Xi2 and use them year round but I'm in WA where it rarely gets above 80 and rains most of the year.

I have 10k on them now, no visible wear and very quiet. They are even quieter than the stock tires for me. Not as good of traction on dry pavement but superior traction in all the conditions.

Xi3 are exactly the same as the Xi2 except for a slight compound difference.
I have the Xi3 on my '09 Outback. I am very impressed with them. I live in northern Minnesota, so I've already had the opportunity to use them in lots of ice, snow, and slush, and I have to say I'm very pleased.

Dry performance is quite good as well. To be fair, these are the first snow tires I've ever purchased, so I can't compare to other dedicated snow tires, but I honestly didn't feel a huge decrease in dry performance vs the stock Potenzas.

I also haven't noticed any hum that TireRack talks about. If anything, they are quieter than the stock tires I had.

Efficiency is very good, in my opinion. I've experienced very little, if any, drop in mileage vs. the all-seasons. If there has been any drop, it's been on the order of 1 to 2 mpg, but it's very difficult to tell if that is a result of the tires or the colder weather we've been having, which always seems to come with a corresponding drop in mileage regardless. During Thanksgiving, I drove it about 400 miles round-trip in a day on all dry roads, and I calculated a mileage of 26.6, which is very good for that generation Outback with the automatic.
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Cohland, i was going to purchase the same tires. How are they on the highway? Any noise or handling issues. I havent purchased yet due to lack of new reviews. Any info would be great.
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