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Moderator, WTF is pubads.g.doubleclick....???

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I get this crap almost every day that I browse this forum. After looking at a few threads, I hit the back button and nothing happens. Then I look at the recent history list and it is full from top to botom with this address repeated over and over:

I don't know where this comes from, but it really PISSES ME OFF!!!!!:banghead:

I never get this BS on any other web site.

I have to close IE and re-open it to get back to the forum.
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It might be worth downloading something like this and doing a full scan on your systems, for you folks having these issues..

Malwarebytes : Malwarebytes Anti-Malware FREE
You might try going to User CP > Edit Your Details and disabling IntelliTXT Ads..

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Thanks for the tip Darkanion. I tried that and we'll see if it helps. But I doubt it, since I have the same trouble even if I'm not logged in. But at least I learned how to get rid of those annoying txt ads ;)
You're welcome! Someone mentioned mouse clicks and I remembered those annoying IntelliTXT Ads from when I first started here. It may not be related, but at least you can turn those off. :29:
Just to update...

It's not related lol. Still having the same problem...

BUT the annoying blue links are gone now :D
Well, at least that! :29:
Wow, now that made a major differance in speed. Thanks. I can live with the adds (and compleatly agree that they need to support the site with them), but sometimes they just get overwelming. There is a point of paying for the site and making it very sluggish and almost unusable.
Agreed, but those underline ad things were very annoying.. and they give us a way to turn it off. So, I have no qualms with turning them off to make using the site more enjoyable. :29:
1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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