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Moderator, WTF is pubads.g.doubleclick....???

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I get this crap almost every day that I browse this forum. After looking at a few threads, I hit the back button and nothing happens. Then I look at the recent history list and it is full from top to botom with this address repeated over and over:

I don't know where this comes from, but it really PISSES ME OFF!!!!!:banghead:

I never get this BS on any other web site.

I have to close IE and re-open it to get back to the forum.
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I get the same problem, consistently. Seems that there are some ads that don't load well.

I just assume it's my work firewall that doesn't like an ad for some reason or the other. I get the same error if I visit (another autoguide site) and a few other sponsored vbulletein forums. It obviously has something to do with all the ads this site displays. One way I have been combatting it lately is to wait until the page loads, but before the rest of the adds and crap processes, then hit the X on my bar to stop the extra stuff from loading, as the page and content loads first then the ads and tracking cookies load.

Never had the problem with when I used to frequent it, but it's a private run site and much less ads. If you donate, they are all removed.

I have been wanting to post, but I really wasn't sure what to say, as I just assumed it was my work firewalls. I never have the problem at home, but then again at home I have a Mac and use Chrome or Safari.

edit: for help with diagnosing, I was just redirected here (,scoreMicroClicks:0,scoreMicroConversions:10604,mt:1,isAI:false,bB:true,serverId:inw-254,,sej:false,bt:1349194382546,newUser:false&ep=UGsSjgAF4WAKQANnSQA8y74xMdcy-tg3CxT_Ng&ri=506b128e05e160a403674903ccb1&rs=&ai=105429&rt=105817& and get an "unable to load" message.
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Thanks for the tip Darkanion. I tried that and we'll see if it helps. But I doubt it, since I have the same trouble even if I'm not logged in. But at least I learned how to get rid of those annoying txt ads ;)
Just to update...

It's not related lol. Still having the same problem...

BUT the annoying blue links are gone now :D
David, I agree wholeheartedly. While I don't build GUI commercially, I have built a few websites for myself personally and alumni clubs I'm involved in. It amazes me how simple it is to make a basic site worked flawlessly with Chrome, Firefox, Safari et al.. only to jump on a PC and see IE destroy it. I avoid IE at all costs.... however I don't have the liberty to change my work computer ;)

And I agree with Satellite, it would be best if the admins fix the root problem. I have no problem with ads and the such to support the site. I do have a problem with sites that crash.
I agree on the development side that IE is a a lot harder, but haven't dabled in it for a long time and I read that IE10 is going to be better about it.
Didn't they say that about IE 6... 7... 8... 9.....
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