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mods for my 1997 outback limited

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just picked up my wagon and only has 129k miles im looking to do cheap mods but debationg on lowering springs and colis idk wht ones to do plus the wagon is my daily can anyone help me thanks guys :29:
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use a different forum if you want to lower. most of the users here would never dare change anything about their car.

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I did it. Just the opposite, I transformed legacy into a Outback.
if you want to lower, you need:
1) delete front and rear subframe spacers

2) shorten steering shaft. (I welded)

3) replace front arm bushings.

Foresters front arm bushings like outback bushings. I took them. You will need take from Legacy BG5 or Impreza.

4) need all shorter bolts
5) need to replace driveshaft bearing.
6) replace transmission subframe.
(I made simply spacers)

there is the all schemes - Legacy BG5 transform into Outback BG9 - Subaru

if you will not understand, then ask me questions. I will be glad to share with you.
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