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so i've looked around and found a few things but nothing i really like. so i'm going for original style and trying something different, i haven't been diggin the two tone as much as i thought it would so i'm going to look in to having the gold on my OB painted the peril white to match the top. I did find a open mouth looking grill for it and eyebrows. not going to lower it or even **** with springs or stuts yet. i want to find a oversized rear sway bar for it. need help with this one. also i want to put a 10 spoke 17"bronze rims for the summers. pluse Tint and all PIAA in the front. feed back on what you think of this idea would be great. thanks.

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About Mods...??

I build a Off-Road Bumper that Looks OEM for your Ride....???Will accept up to a 6800 lb Ramsey Winch hidden in the Bumper..and has tabs For off-Road Lights as well.......:)

If your interested, E-mail me at [email protected]

I'm posting something in the Upgrades section here.......Look for that thread for links to pics I have of one on an 04 Turbo Baja.....:)

Later, John in Oregon.....
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