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2000 Outback Limited
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Hey all,

I bought the "Front End Cover - Hood" for my 2000 Outback Wagon from to replace my broken Bug Deflector (available free in the Classifieds section).

The directons didn't really seem appropriate for what they sent me. They mention hooking the plastic hooks on the rear inside hood side of the bra on the grille (effectively pushing the bra forward on the hood instead of snugging it tight on the hood). It seemed obvious that these hooks were really meant to hook onto small holes drilled on the inside of the hood "back" so the bra sits snug. Once snug, you are supposed to thread the buckle on the inside of the hood and tighten it down...

I tightened away and took out the beast. It started shaking around 60 MPH and at 70 MPH was shaking/fluttering pretty badly. We stopped and I tightened down the belt with all my might.... I once again got up to about 70 and the darn thing started fluttering again. Argh. I don't know if I didnt thread the buckle to allow it to stay tight or what..

Suggestions? Anyone mount one of these beast?

I'd prefer to have nothing really on the hood, but the old Bug Deflector left little marks on the hood I find annoying.. I have pictures of my mounting job, so if that would help the description let me know...

Thanks all..


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I've had bras in the past and most of them flapped in the breeze above 50 mph. Depending on where the flapping is and how bad, you may have to live with it. Brian
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