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Back of our 2021 Outback became a mouse maternity ward. Cleared them out and thought I'd pass along what I have done so far to keep them out. 1st thread I posted shows what I did to screen off vents behind bumper. Due to finding dig food in AC vents I decided to tackle the air intake for cabin in the front. From the looks of thing they hadn't gotten in from the front just the rear . Decided to go ahead and screen it just in case,dealing with a mouse and baby's sux. It was fairly simple ,the side cowl clips were easy. The square ones along front edge were a little tougher only broke 2. Left the passenger wiper hooked up to washer hose just moved out of the way.
Put down a layer of double sided Gorilla tape,pressed it on real good. Laid the screen approx 4x11 (I trimmed a little more so not final size). Pressed it in real good.then laid another layer over but didn't peel the back off,pressed real good.

I had already blocked the engine air intake will take pix,popped the 2 plast clips and trimmed field wire to screen front lip.

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for more deterrent ideas, get some, ahem, 'clumps' from a cat litter box and place near the car or just outside the garage, etc. Refresh them occasionally. Find a zoo, pet store or some other person that keeps snakes. Get a snake skin-shed and place under the car. Refresh occasionally.

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our 2021 Outback became a mouse maternity ward.
congrats on your thorough interventions

I also had a mouse encounter, he put a hole in the hose for my windshield wiper sprayer.
I responded by installing one of these ultrasonic mouse repellers

That killed my car battery in about 5 days.. (I have been staying home a lot during corona)...

after that I connected my anti mouse device to a stand alone battery, part of a jumper pack intended to start my car.. (that does not have enough power to turn over my H6)...

I have not had any more mouse problems.. :sneaky:

I recently removed the sonic repeller, got tired of recharging the jumper pack..
(there are better options, that use internal batteries, instead of relying on the car battery)
for now, Im living dangerously, risking being revisited by the mouse pack
but, Im feeling lucky.. lol

for more deterrent ideas, get some, ahem, 'clumps' from a cat litter box
thanks, thats an interesting idea I had not heard before...
google agrees with you
and they mention Ammonia or Pepperming oil can work, as an alternative to used cat litter

I do have a cat.. I will think about putting some of his used litter (urine clumps) under my tires
(I always park in the same spot, outside on dirt). I would not want to do that if I was parking in a garage.. but would consider Ammonia or peppermint oil in that setting.

I like the idea of putting a smell deterrent outside the car, better than stuffing fabreze sheets into the car vents.. I dont want to smell the stuff..

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The only thing that truly works is a "Walk the Plank" mousetrap near the suspected entry point in your garage.

And in cold weather you can fill the bucket one-third of the way with undiluted RV antifreeze (the pink stuff).
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