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2010 2.5 Premium CVT
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This is a headsup for those who might have the problem I had recently.

When MP3 files are added to a device or memory stick, the player reads the files in the order they are added, not in track order or alphabetical order or any other order. This can make playing them a headache, especially while driving.

My problem involved a USB stick with almost a hundred spoken podcast files, each one with an intro before any file identification was given. They played in the order that they had loaded, which was the order that win7 transferred them, and finding a particular program was a headache.

I have found that there are many free utilities that will sort the MP3 files after they are copied to the memory stick. The first one I found has worked and I've not bothered looking further. It's mp3DirSorterE.exe

It's a simple matter of opening the utility, then dragging the memory stick directory to the utility window. The operation takes a few seconds.
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