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Mt. Washington Cruise - Aug. 19th

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Mt. Washington Cruise, Aug. 19th. We'll meet in Lincoln NH about 11:00 A.M, Price Chopper parking lot (right off the interstate) and meet up with a bunch of other Subaru owners. About ten other Subarus will attend. Then cruise up the Kanc to the base. The Mt. Washington fee is 25 per car and driver, then 8 bucks a passenger. This is not a race, but we'll make good use out of the curvy roads. Idiotic driving is not allowed. We're not Honda owners. If you haven't been to Mt. Washington or up it, it's a once in a lifetime thing. We're trying to set up a package deal with the toll road for a discounted price. 2 hours north of the Boston area. Great camping and hotels around if you want to make a lovely weekend in the mountains.

Pictures from the past -

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My Subaru won't be done in time, I will not be attending, but can point you in a good direction if you want to go.
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