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My Legacy Outback 2.5L 5 speed MT has been a terrific car. The car still drives great and gets 25 mpg in mixed driving conditions. In 14 years of regular driving and 165,000 miles I replaced:

Under warranty:
Pistons (under warranty) due to piston slap.
Master cylinder (recall)
Alternator (recall)

Normal wearing parts:
1 Clutch
2-3 sets of tires
2 sets of spark plugs
@145K - Timing belt, water pump, cam seals, valve cover gaskets
1 sets of brakes (unbelievable!)
1 set of drive belts
1-2 sets of headlamps

Other replacement parts:
Drivers side window switch.
Power steering pump (was leaking)
Clutch slave cylinder
Speed sensor
Set of hatch struts
Windshield wiper motor (front)

My only complaint is that some of the lights on the radio and dash burned out and they aren't replaced easily.

I'd consider getting another Outback but I don't like the new roof-rack design. I use the rack regularly and the older design is far superior.
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