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2006 Outback 2.5i manual
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Here it is, attached.

Automotive tire Camera lens Camera accessory Finger Crankset

For the wiring, I soldered on the new harness connector to the tweeters wires then tidied it all up, like this... (Driver's side pictured)

Finger Eyewear Pliers Electrical wiring Wrist

Finger Electrical wiring Circuit component Electronic engineering Hardware programmer

And as you can see, when mounted it is nice and tight.

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Rim

I was going to do the same thing with the cardboard/foam rings as I did in the rears, but I found that the new front speakers are too big and the ring would be pressing against part of the speakers....

Automotive tire Ingredient Gas Audio equipment Automotive wheel system

Photograph Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Paint

Automotive tire Wood Rim Tread Tints and shades

So I just left them out.

All in all, they're looking pretty good I think.

Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Rim

And here's a pic of old vs new... WAY bigger magnet.

Automotive tire Automotive design Bumper Gas Automotive wheel system

Reinstalled all my door cards, and turned on the stereo. Wow, WAY better. But, it definitely needs some tuning. The treble is INCREDIBLY sharp, to the point where it kind of hurts my ears! So I used the equalizer to turn down some of the higher frequencies. I also cranked up the bass a lot... When I turn up the volume, it gets SO MUCH louder than the stock system did. It's also much more full and crisp sounding than before.

But.... Now that I'm at this whole new level of sound, I can't help but want more... I don't want to crank up the volume to ridiculous levels just to get some punch and bass.

I want a subwoofer. Haha. I don't need anything crazy, but I need something dedicated to add base, all while not going all out and wiring up an amp.

So, I ordered one of these guys....

Grey Audio equipment Font Public address system Circle

Nice and compact. I don't want something that uses crazy power, nor do I need to rattle my windows or show off to all the cars at each stoplight. Rather, I just want something that myself and my passengers can enjoy while inside the car. Lol.

I'll update once I get it all installed! Thanks for looking.

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Here are some more pics illustrating what I was dealing with...

View attachment 501053

View attachment 501054

Notice how the LED bulb presses up against the inside of the housing...

View attachment 501055

This is as far in as it goes...

View attachment 501056

Lasfit is letting me return things for a refund, which is nice. That said, I'll just keep everything in the normal halogen bulbs. But, I figure I'll get some nicer/whiter head lamp and fog lamp bulbs.

In the meantime, my flood lights came in! I'll be spending some time doing the wiring as I have to wait for some electrical parts to come in before I can get started.
Enjoying ur thread.! Headlight Experts has your L.e.d. setup.I have High/ Low / Fog in my 05 obw.Lufetime replacement
You just pay shipping.When 1 goes bad , they send a pair.They make the housings in house out of Aircraftgrade Aluminum. They run 100 pset...and come w built in resistor/ no C E.L.

2006 Outback 2.5i manual
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So, ever since the weather began to get colder, I've noticed a crack in the windshield beginning to grow. I figured I may as well tackle this early on before it gets too bad. So I had a mobile guy come out and replace it for me at my house.

The replacement looks fantastic, as he did an excellent job. However, upon inspecting it I found that I've got a problem.... Rust....

Automotive lighting Automotive exterior Vehicle door Bumper Tints and shades

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Rim Automotive exterior Automotive wheel system

Atmosphere Automotive lighting Cloud Sky Astronomical object

Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Vehicle Motor vehicle

Hood Automotive design Automotive lighting Automotive exterior Rim

I noticed some small spots of rust bubbling up like this in the same area, but I didn't realize it was also at the edge of where the top of the windshield sits until now.

Uuuggghhh... So frustrating! I had a car where it was rusting in the same spot, but I didn't realize how bad it was until it started leaking, and windshield shops wouldn't touch the glass because of how badly it was rusted. I ended up replacing the ENTIRE roof skin - it was a TON of work and took a long time. I don't want to go through that again. And, honestly, I'd rather just let it die IF NOT FOR THIS REBUILT ENGINE AND NEW TRANSMISSION I PUT IN THERE! Arrghhh..

I'm gonna have to pay for my windshield guy to remove the brand new windshield, which is impossible to remove without breaking it... Then I'll sand off all the paint in that area, prime, paint, and clear coat it, then pay for ANOTHER new windshield replacement.

I'm thinking I'll do it in the spring, as it's just too cold to do it right now. In the meantime I might spray it down with some Rust-Oleum, just to try and slow down the rust progression a little bit while I wait for the weather to change.

Feeling like I've wasted all my time and money on this **** car right now.

2006 Outback 2.5i manual
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So, the rear view camera stopped working a couple weeks ago. I emailed the company that makes it (bought off Amazon) and they sent me a replacement. Installed the replacement last night and everything was working great -- until today when I was backing up suddenly the camera just turned off. Verified my wiring again, but no luck. This camera must be just plain cheap Chinese junk. I'm not going to take it all apart AGAIN only to have a 3rd camera die, so I'm returning it. Ugh..

2006 Outback 2.5i manual
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Okay, I finished my TEMPORARY, BAND-AID fix for the rust spots. This is by no means a solution to the problem, instead it's for me to get a better feel of what I'm getting myself into in terms of the body work that will be needed. Also, there is a small chance that it might slow down the rust spread. Maybe. But I'm not holding my breath.

Anyway, masked off the areas that I wanted to focus on and started spot sanding the spots that had rust underneath.

Wood Bed frame Rectangle Flooring Linens

Wiped it all down witt denatured alcohol, warmed up the surface with a hairdryer to get it all evaporated. Then, started spraying...

This is the garbage I'm using.

Hand Fluid Liquid Tin Drink

Surprisingly, it's covering very well... This is just after 2 light coats.

Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Bumper

Did a total of 6 light coats, approx 10-15 minutes apart. I have the garage heater going, so the ambient temp is about 60°F.

Hood Tarpaulin Motor vehicle Bumper Wood

Removed the masking. Looks alright, given the quick and sloppy job I did. You can see the spots I sanded, which is fine, as again it will be PROPERLY painted in the spring/summer.

Car Motor vehicle Hood Vehicle Automotive lighting

Hood Motor vehicle Window Aviation Automotive design

Hood Automotive lighting Car Automotive tire Motor vehicle

After this I closed the garage door and I'm keeping the heater on all night to help it cure. Will take about 48 hours.

Now, AGAIN, I know this isn't going to fix my rust problem, it's just temporary. Also, I know there is most likely some rust underneath where the windshield mates to the frame, none of which I was able to get to for this.
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