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Hey all,

Thought I'd share my new outback. I picked it up from a local dealership and drove it straight to my friend Tyler's, where it was outfitted immediately with a whole bunch of LP Aventure parts. I then picked it up from his place and drove straight to Yellowstone and then Glacier National Parks when it had only 200 miles on it.

From LP Aventure:
  • 2" Lift
  • Bumper Guard
  • Rock Sliders
  • Engine & CVT Skid Plates
  • Axleback
  • Hood light brackets
  • 5 x LP1 Wheels
  • Hella 500 LED Driving Lights
  • Rigid Flood Lights
  • Thule Vector M Roofbox
  • Chrome Delete




More to come. Founder
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Wow, I like your style and the places you like to travel! (y)

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What a beautiful set up and an inspiration for what I can do with mine!

6 days after picking up my car on the 12th, I'll be embarking on a similar adventure, driving from Western PA to Glacier for 2 full days of hiking, then over to Olympic for 2 full days of hiking, then back to Yellowstone for 2 full days of hiking! I can't wait to put this car in its element! I'll have only new tires and window tint for that trip, though. I really like the looks of the LP Adventure stuff and the prices are pretty reasonable. Thanks for introducing me to them!
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