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My driver's seat is turning blue.

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My Outback has the ivory leather and the left thigh bolster (the bolsters are vinyl iirc) on my driver's seat is turning blue. I wear jeans every day to work but this seems really odd and the car is only 8 months old...

This only seems to be happening on the left side thigh bolster, the back bolster, center and right of the seat is fine.

Is anyone else seeing this?
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Wash your Jeans the die is rubbing off on the seats. Well known for all cars having this minor clothing issue. Wiping the seats down with a very basic seat conditioner will remove it in most cases.
Wash your Jeans the die is rubbing off on the seats.
I do wash my jeans...

Thanks, I'll pick up some leather conditioner
Had the same trouble with my '08 Legacy with leather interior. As SubieSailor mentioned, a good leather cleaner will remove it. I found that treating the seats every few months with a good conditioner/protecter will help minimize this.
Had a 77 Ford once with very light interior. The driver's seat was blue from my jeans. Nothing removed the blue short of a blow torch and/or sulfuric acid.:gasp::17:

Happens all the time on many differtn makes and models... It s as simple as the dye coming off your jeans in areas that have the most rubbing. Just keep that part of the seat clean often as stated.
I have not noticed any blue on my leather. My jeans are not very blue. One might try caucously using a light solution of oxyclean And a little soap. Wet it and blow dry.
Try small area first.
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