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I have a 2013 outback 2.5 limited as a rental while my ob is in the shop for repair. They put the wrong seat belt in on the driver side from the factory. The hatch was miss aligned from the factory. I wonder if my car was made monday at 9:01 am or friday at 4:59 pm?

The 13 handles better but is comes at a big expense of a smooth ride. The car rides much stiffer than 12. It feels connected to the ground better than mine. The cvt is strange compared to a conventional transmission. It does get about 3 mpg better city mpg but only 2 better mpg on the highway. I just don't think it is worth giving up 75+ hp.

If a person hauls a lot of kids or stuff or lives at high altitude or has a lead foot I would recommend you get the 6.

I think that the stereo in the mid range ob is better than the HK system.

I think that the softer springs and shocks and the stiffer body would be a better combination.

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