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2018 3.6R limited w/eyesight Subaru Outback....sold my 2011, Subaru Outback, 2,5i Spt Pack.
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My Outback got vandalize with permanent purple marker along side of my car (pearl White). They added himilation which I later found it funny and so did everyone else...they drew a "big" male anatomy on my left side front bumper which has a nice big space. I have photos...but don't think it's appropriate to show it. This was some new parking space I parked where we just moved!!!

Anyhow, out of desperation I sprayed WD-40 all over the picture and the long line...after many applications and rubbing....with humilation driving on the freeway with the "thingy" so clearly shown to other all came off. So, WD-40 took off the permanent marker. Paint job still good.

Just incase if anyone wanted to spray WD-40 on their's all good.
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